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Call Us Today!
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Relax ... we eliminate the hassles of doing it yourself. Caring for your lawn should be easy and trouble free. Just give us a call and we’ll provide you with a personalized analysis and free estimate. Allow our certified technicians to give you the best possible service available. With our program, you’ll have a healthy lawn that your family will love coming home to and be proud of for years to come.
Our services include:
  • Lawn Care Programs (Certified Applicators)
  • Mowing
  • Tree and Shrub Care Program
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Core Aeration
  • Trimming/Mulching/Bed Maintenance
  • Insect and Disease Control
  • Grub Management Program
  • Lime Application
  • Commercial Snow Removal
Tree and Shrub Care Program
  • Early Spring Dormant Oil
  • Spring Root Zone Fertilization
  • Late Spring Insect and Disease
  • Summer Insect and Disease
  • Fall Root Zone Fertilization
Your trees and shrubs represent a growing investment that’s worth protecting. Our program of scheduled inspections and treatment helps keep all of your ornamentals healthy and in top growing condition.

There are hundreds of insects and diseases that can attack and infest your landscape. Our trained and licensed staff can identify and control these problems before severe damage or plant loss occurs.

Custom Programs Designed for the Unique Needs of Your Property
Every landscape is different, and we can provide either standard or customized programs to fit virtually any property. Our plan of protection can include insect management, disease management and dormant applications. We can also combine these pest management services with properly timed and applied fertilization.

Expert Protection for Your Landscape Investment
We understand and appreciate the value of your landscape investment. Call on us for a comprehensive evaluation and program recommendation.

Sprinkler Systems
  • Service and Repair
An automatic sprinkler system will keep your entire landscape growing lush and green while saving you both time and water.

Forget the hit-or-miss watering that comes with hauling hoses and moving sprinklers. A professionally designed underground system gives your lawn and landscape the right amount of water at the right time ... automatically!

Advantages of an Automatic System
Anyone who has spent hours hauling hoses trying to water their whole lawn can appreciate the simplicity of a well-designed system that irrigates both your lawn and landscape beds automatically and unattended.

Your plants are watered even while you’re away on vacation or while at night when water pressures are usually higher. The controller can be placed in a convenient location, and it keeps track of when watering cycles take place.

Sprinkler heads are low-maintenance and don’t interfere with normal mowing and trimming operations. A real plus is that systems are installed with very little disruption to your existing lawn and landscape.

Call us for more information on automatic sprinkler systems. Our service and repair programs will deliver trouble-free solutions for all of your lawn and landscape watering needs.

Perimeter Pest Control
When making your home comfortable for your family, you also make it attractive to insects searching for a pleasant environment. Some insects enter through open doors and holes in window screens, but even greater numbers may enter through untreated openings that you don’t think about. A barrier treatment of your home’s perimeter can help protect your home against pest invasion.
Insects can invade your home through cracks in the foundation, loose dryer vents, partially open mortar joints, loose-fitting window frames, drains, sump pumps or any other openings to the outside. Some crawl across your door sills and slide under ill-fitting storm doors or entry doors. Successful perimeter pest control depends on the application of a barrier treatment to all possible points of entry.
Prevention Is the Key
Battling an infestation of pests can be frustrating, expensive and time-consuming. Avoid problems by having a barrier treatment applied to your home throughout the year.
Seasonal treatments are important because newly active insects in the spring will be heading inside to avoid sudden cold snaps or to find a source of food for the season. Summer treatments fight newly hatched crickets and fleas. In fall, barrier treatments will prevent spiders and millipedes from getting inside to seek shelter from the cold.
Call now to schedule barrier treatments and to keep insects outside your home where they belong.
Lime Application
Lime: a Lawn Value
Lime “sweetens” your soil. In areas where soil is naturally “sour” (or acidic), this is extremely important for growing healthy turf. Lime helps improve lawn color and density, helps control thatch and increases root development.
Our lime application helps keep the chemistry of your soil in balance so that you can have, and enjoy, a thicker, greener, healthier lawn.
Lime Affects Color, Thatch and Root Development
When your soil pH is too low (acidic), it needs lime to bring it back into balance. Soil that is too acidic causes “fertilizer lock-up.” This means that fertilizer and important micro-nutrients become locked up in the soil and unavailable to the grass plants.
The results of this lock-up are that the grass becomes thin and yellow, thatch may build up faster and root growth slows down.
A lawn in this condition is called “unthrifty,” because even when properly fertilized, it can’t make use of applied plant food to become thick and stay green.
We suggest annual liming for acidic soils. It helps everything else we do work even better. That’s what makes lime such a great lawn value for you.
Lawn Renovation
  • Verticut/Overseeding
  • Aeration Overseeding
  • Core Aeration
Power core aeration is one of the most important cultural practices available for your lawn. Aeration helps control thatch, improves the soil structure, helps create growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn.
Annual or semiannual aeration is advised for all lawns on heavy clay soils, those with a thatch buildup and any lawn that needs to be “thickened up.”
How Aeration Works
Aeration removes thousands of small cores of soil 1” to 3” in length from your lawn. These cores “melt” back into the lawn after a few rainfalls, mixing with whatever thatch exists on your lawn. The holes created by aeration catch fertilizer and water. Turf roots naturally grow toward these growth pockets and thicken in the process. Aeration holes also relieve pressure from compacted soils, letting oxygen and water move more freely into the root zone.
Regular Aeration Can Help Avoid Costly Lawn Renovation
Thatch on your lawn works like a thatched roof. This layer of roots, stems and other plant parts sheds water and prevents fertilizers and insect control from moving freely into the soil. Thatch that is too heavy can make major lawn renovation necessary. Regular aeration helps thatch break down naturally by mixing the soil cores into the thatch and speeding up decomposition. Performed once or twice per year, aeration significantly reduces thatch and improves turf growth.
Insect and Disease Control
  • Preventive Grub Control
  • Curative Grub Control
  • Insecticide Application
  • Fungicide Application
There are several types of white grubs that feed on the roots of lawn grasses. All of them can cause severe damage if left untreated.
Out of Sight ... Out of Mind
Grubs live and feed in the soil. It’s easy to miss them as they gradually cut the roots out from under your lawn. It’s not until brown patches begin to appear that the grubs are finally discovered.
Pull back the turf if you suspect grubs. If the lawn pulls up easily (like new sod), you may find white grubs in the top inch or so of the soil.
Spring and Fall Feeders
Grubs are the larval (or worm) state of many types of beetles. The beetles lay their eggs in your lawn, and the newly hatched worms work their way through the thatch and into the soil, where they feed on the roots of grass plants. Most beetles lay their eggs during mid-to-late summer, and the young grubs do their greatest damage during the fall months.
As the weather cools, most grubs burrow deeper into the soil for the winter. They then return to the surface to feed again as the soil warms in the spring. After this spring feeding, the grubs pupate into adult beetles and begin the cycle again.
Don’t Wait
Grubs don’t disappear on their own. They should be treated before damage begins to appear or as soon as they are discovered. When they're treated early enough in the year, a preventive treatment can be applied. When damage appears in the fall, a fast-acting curative treatment is needed. Call with any questions.
Lawn Disease
Of all the pests that damage lawns, fungus diseases are among the most difficult to tame. There are hundreds of diseases that can infect your turf. Some are relatively harmless; others can destroy an entire lawn in a very short time.
Diseases Travel by Foot, Air and Water
Fungus spores spread on the wheels of lawn mowers, on the shoes of children, on the droplets of rain that bounce from plant to plant during rain or watering or by wind, blown like microscopic seeds across your lawn. Every lawn has disease organisms. The trick is not letting them get the upper hand.
Prevention: the Best Cure
To reduce disease, keep the lawn healthy and growing with proper feeding, mowing, watering and thatch-control measures. Some grass types are much less susceptible to fungus attack. Consider planting disease-resistant varieties when you seed.
With Treatment, Control Is the Goal
Disease treatments do not usually eliminate the disease from the lawn. Instead, they suppress activity for a period of a few days to several weeks. The goal is to keep the disease in check long enough for the grass to recover or the weather conditions to change. Often, several treatments are needed.
We deliver the results others only talk about.

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